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Adrian’s Journey: Fostering Team Culture and Legal Excellence at myOnvent

8 Nov 2023 separate icon ~ 5 minutes read

Adrian’s Journey: Fostering Team Culture and Legal Excellence at myOnvent

8 Nov 2023 separate icon ~ 5 minutes read
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In the dynamic world of professional careers, some people stand out not only for their expertise but also for their unwavering commitment to their teams and the causes they believe in. Adrian, a seasoned lawyer with over 15 years of experience, is one of those people. As a valuable member of the myOnvent team, he brings not only his legal professionalism but also a remarkable sense of unity and dedication.

In this exclusive interview, we delve into Adrian’s experiences, motivations, and aspirations, shedding light on what drives him to excel both professionally and personally. From the beautiful landscapes of Andalusia, Spain, to the courtrooms and boardrooms where he applies his skills, Adrian’s journey is a testament to the power of unity, unwavering commitment, and continuous growth.

What’s your favorite thing about being on our team, Adrian?

This team, including the management, was an amazing team from the beginning, very united and friendly but at the same time extremely focused on doing the best possible job. This for me is priceless and keeps me motivated to do my best and always be there for my colleagues.

Can you share a memorable moment or experience from our time working together?

I can share the most recent experience, which was the management team meeting in Andalusia, Spain, a month ago. There were a few very intensive days in which we mixed team bonding with strategy meetings related to the company’s present and future. I deem the experience as a success both from a personal and a professional point of view, and I am eager to bring my contribution to the next steps in the company’s development and at the same time meet in person my colleagues again next time. 

myOnvent management team meeting in Spain

Tell me about your journey to this point in your career. What motivates you to keep pushing forward?

I am a lawyer with 15+ years of experience doing both traditional lawyering, such as court litigation, but also conducting legal work exclusively remote with clients from literally all continents except Antarctica. Of all this time, I must say that this period, which started two and a half years ago when I joined myOnvent team, is the one that I cherish the most. Feeling that I am a part of a multicultural company that makes the world a better place, being able to help with legal and, sometimes, business-related matters in a company in which I believe, and doing it so from within an amazing team, it’s something that motivates me each day. 

What’s a skill or talent you have that not many people know about?

I love being a lawyer and being active in all legal areas that involve technologies and spark innovation. My teammates know that they can rely on me for everything legal related but what I am not sure that they know is the fact that I always, and I mean always, go the extra mile when performing legal work. Commitment is the only way I know that can guarantee that when I go to sleep at night I can sleep like a baby knowing that I’ve given my best in addressing the legal matters that were entrusted to me.

How do you balance work and personal life, and what’s your secret to staying productive and positive?

Somehow I’ve always been able to balance work and personal life during my legal career. I think the “secret” for me is as simple as learning how to schedule my work to start when I know that I am able to give my very best. Strong mental health, combined with a realistic trust in my abilities and a continuous eagerness to learn, helps me stay productive and positive. At the same time, it makes me able to finish my work in due time, even when under pressure. Having a good work-life balance is extremely important for me and it allows me to be able to spend quality time with my family.

Adrian Maciuceanu

If you could use one word to describe our team, what would it be, and why?

Unity. You always have the feeling that this team is always there to help whenever one of the team members is in need. There hasn’t been a single case that I know about in which one member of the team wasn’t helpful to another team member every time a situation called for action, no matter if we are talking of minor everyday cases or major situations such as the war in Ukraine. 

What are your future goals, both professionally and personally? Any exciting projects or dreams you’re pursuing?

I am the kind of person who constantly looks to evolve, to feel that today is a bit more knowledgeable and achieved than yesterday, both in personal and professional areas. From a professional perspective, on myOnvent’s scale, my goal is to help the company by providing the best possible legal support it needs in its future development. On a general scale, my goal is to consolidate even further my legal practice within the EU/EEA territory. From a personal point of view, I have to say that I have an entire whiteboard full of personal goals in various areas, with most of them being designed with the same principle in mind: continuous evolution and improvement. 


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