Hybrid Event: Download our White Paper Now!

19 May 2022 separate icon ~ 2 minutes read
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Hybrid Event: Download our White Paper Now!

19 May 2022 separate icon ~ 2 minutes read
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As we start stepping away from the fully online world of COVID-19, in-person events are starting to come back to the fore. However, in-person events might not be the smartest way forward… Today, the hybrid event is king.

When your annual conference comes up, it’s hard to justify bring 1000s of people under one roof:
– Hundreds of hours of total flight time
– High spending on hotel rooms, transports, bookings, etc
– Huge carbon footprint & single-use plastic waste
– And more…

While in-person events are fundamental to how our businesses and organisations work, let’s be smart about them. You could try fully the online events, if they work for you!! Or, not have a smaller group meet in-person, and everyone else can access your event online? Live streams, live chat walls, one-on-one chats, group calls, AI-powered networking – the right event calls for the right hybrid platform.

Download our Hybrid Event White Paper to understand exactly the pros and cons of this event method, and how to maximise tomorrow’s event in the world of today.

The Arctic Frontiers 2022 event, one of many events we have held in 2022 that opted for a hybrid method (and very successfully!!)

A number of our clients have shifted to the hybrid method, and all of them have found that this pivot has saved them time, energy, and money. This has also enhanced the quality of their event, giving them greater audiences and better outcomes.

Another example is NHO’s 2022 Årskonferansen (Annual Conference), with whom we have a long-standing relationship. Their event was a resounding success!!

Interested in seeing an online or hybrid event platform in action? Get in Touch!

We’re always happy to speak to prospective event organisers and have a chat about your event. Whether you are an organisation needing an in-house platform or an organiser looking for an online component to your in-person events, drop us a line at contact@myonvent.com and we will get back to you ASAP for a demo!


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