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myOnvent hosts Norway’s largest business event online

3 May 2022 separate icon ~ 5 minutes read
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myOnvent hosts Norway’s largest business event online

3 May 2022 separate icon ~ 5 minutes read
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NHO – the Norwegian confederation of businesses – chose myOnvent to deliver the tech platform for the digital part of their annual conference. This is the first time the Annual Conference will be a true hybrid event.

“We are very happy that NHO chose myOnvent as its digital partner. We also look forward to showcasing the immense potential in hosting hybrid events, and inviting people from all over the country to participate at their own convenience. Though the event venue is large, nothing can compare with the scale a hybrid event offers”, says myOnvent CEO and founder Bjørn Christian Nørbech.

(By the way, we’ve created a White Paper on Hybrid Events!! Download it for free here to learn all about do’s and don’ts of hybrid events, and how to maximise the potential of your next hybrid event.)

High level event

Speakers at the event include the Prime Minister of Norway Jonas Gahr Støre, Nato Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg and several other leaders from politics and business in Norway.

Digital participants will see the full range of features from the myOnvent platform. This includes exclusive behind the scenes content, networking opportunities and more.

Prime Minister Jonas Gahr Støre speaking at NHO's annual conference.
Prime Minister Jonas Gahr Støre will participate at an online only event the day before the NHO annual conference. Photo: Per-Otto Oppi Christiansen/NHO

“We will host the conference of the future, and aim to set a new standard for what’s possible on May 12, 2022. myOnvent is absolutely crucial for us to realize the massive ambitions we have for this event. NHO has members all over Norway working their tail off to succeed every day. Not everyone has the time or resources to take time off to travel to Oslo. By going hybrid, we enable our members to participate fully in this important event regardless of where they live or work” says head of communication at NHO Christian Chramer.

True hybrid experience

For the first time, the annual conference will be a true hybrid event. Digital participants will number in the thousands, with 1300 people in attendance in Oslo.

“Digital participation on the myOnvent platform will be a unique experience. We’re glad that participants at the venue will be able to join the digital space and share the experience. The online event offers live chat options, smart matched networking opportunities, downloads and more”, says Nørbech.

NHO head of communications Christian Chramer.
Christian Chramer aims to set a new standard for the events of tomorrow with the NHO annual conference hosted online by myOnvent. Photo: Moment Studio/NHO

The NHO Annual Conference will be one of the biggest single events ever hosted on myOnvent. This has been made possible by significant investments in the back end.

myOnvent offers reliable and secure performance in the most complex environments.

NHO and myOnvent has worked together for several years. In August 2021, myOnvent provided the digital twin to NHO’s “House of business” at the major political festival Arendalsuka in Norway.

“Our first pilot customer was in fact NHO. That was back in December 2019. The event was for NHO Food and Beverage, Seafood Norway and The Norwegian Food and Allied Workers Union. Now, we’ll be hosting their biggest and most important annual event. It feels like we’ve come full circle” says Nørbech.


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