Hybrid Event: Julija’s 3 Tips for Success

30 May 2022 separate icon ~ 2 minutes read
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Hybrid Event: Julija’s 3 Tips for Success

30 May 2022 separate icon ~ 2 minutes read
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Since the start of 2022, we’ve seen an increasing number of our clients return to in-person events. However, they all have learned a key lesson during the in-person hiatus of COVID-19: the online event is a beast that can’t be ignored. So, what’s the solution? How can you tap into the power of online events while still enjoying the return to in-person events? Easy. Meet the hybrid event:

📈 Double your audience size? Online attendees
🗺️ Keynote speakers from abroad? Live streamed talks
🤝 Post-event community? Networking platform

For all our clients, you’ll already know Julija Jukneviciute – she’s our resident event expert and in-house customer success legend!! We asked Julija for her three key tips for how to succeed with your hybrid events.

#1 Define your event strategy

As event organiser, you always want your event to be successful on every front. Guest speakers, event attendees, and you, the organiser, all benefit from having a clear direction. As Julija says, “Ask yourself the question, where is the value for your attendees, partners, and sponsors?” Nail down that first purpose, and make sure every decision you make falls in line with your ultimate goal. A common goal is an easy way to build an online community, because everyone knows the direction and the plan. A clear goal is a clear win. Check out some more tips for community-building here!!

#2 Hybrid event = hybrid engagement

Julija’s expertise comes in handy, we can guarantee that. Her second key tip is to “create an engagement plan for your online & in-person users”. How are you going to ensure that both of your event audiences are going to network and connect effectively? What techniques can you use to create strong links & event connections between the event attendees? The right online event platform for you will help you by having features you can use immediately to help create that event feeling (like Networking, Chat, Meeting-booking features – you can check our platform features out here if you’re interested!).

#3 Post-hybrid event analysis

So your event is over. What next? Listen to Julija when she says think-post event. Is your event on-demand? How will you use your event data? If your hybrid event had a lot of keynote talks and really interesting discussions, you may want to make record them and make them available in an archive that event attendees can access. That way, the event isn’t ever *really* over – your users will be checking back into your event as much as they can! And be selfish for a minute too… Where did you go right? Where did you go wrong? That’s where post-event data analysis is crucial – so that next time, you’re even better prepared.

We’ve also prepared a White Paper on Hybrid Events, just for you!! It’s free and easily downloaded, check it out here. We believe in the future of hybrid events, and our platform has been succeeding with this event format – if you’re interested, we’d love to speak to you about this. Just drop us a line at contact@myonvent.com and we’ll get back to you ASAP to set up a chat!!


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